Monday, September 26, 2005

Found money!

While researching Citi's new college rewards card (mtvU Platinum Visa, tantalizing because of it's generous rewards for restaurants, etc.), I started to wonder about what rewards are offered with my old Citibank Platinum Select, paid off and unused for 2.5 years. I logged in online and found 1801 points waiting for me! I can redeem those for a $10 gift card at any of several retailers.

I doubt I'm getting anything better than 1 point per dollar spent on that card, and these points will be expiring soon (only good for 3 years, I believe), so I won't bother trying to save up for the more points-efficient $50 gift card for 5000 points.

But dude! Free $10! Now I just have to decide if I want gas, or lattes or new clothes or something else entirely.

PS - you must be enrolled as a college student to qualify for the mtvU Visa. Boo. :(


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