Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another update

I broke another rule. I went out to eat twice last weekend. Once Friday night, and then I bought barbecue for Hobie and I to eat while watching Saturday's football game. Well, at least it was cheap. I spent about $27 total for both meals.

This week's shopping trip was also a little pricey, about $104, the first time I've spent over the century mark at the grocery store in a long time (and I go less than once a week). There were some non-grocery items on there that I could have bought for less at Target, but didn't want to make the extra trip. We did get lots of food and even bought some new things to try to get us out of our dinner rut. I shouldn't need to go to the store again until the next payday.

I still haven't eaten out for lunch at work. I'm being very good there. That usually costs me an additional $4-10 a week, depending on how many times I go out and where we go.

But the exciting news of the week is I got killer fares for our plane tickets for the week of the wedding. I spent only $36 more for both tickets than what I budgeted for my one ticket! Once again, my savings account will be hit hard this month but that's one more big ticket expense paid for and off my mind.


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