Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Wedding: Money Well Spent

So yeah, there were a few things my mom piddled away money on, but there were a few things that were well worth the expense.

The Venue
The country club was a package deal, included all rentals, catering and beverages. For an additional fee, we’d get use of the gazebo for the ceremony. I hadn’t seen the place since I attended a Bat Mitzvah there when I was 13, but I told my mom to go ahead and book it when I fell in love with their menu. Not only was the brunch menu cheaper than dinner, but brunch/breakfast is my favorite meal! The food was awesome, the grounds were beautiful, and everyone had a great time.

The Band
Three words: I hate DJs. My mom knows a guy who is in an eight-piece band and they were great (and pretty cheap). Eight pieces turned out to be a little loud for the size of the room, but it wasn’t too bad. He did a great job with our first dance (Georgia on my Mind), and even played the hora for Hobie’s side of the family. Hobie’s mom was also able to use their keyboard and sing us two lovely songs (she’s a professional singer/musician).

The Harpist
This was my mom’s idea for ceremony music, and it was beautiful.

The Horse-Drawn Carriage
Because we had the ceremony and reception at the same place, there wasn’t a need for limo transportation, so Mom said that was enough justification for splurging for the carriage. It brought my Dad and I out from under the club around to the gazebo, and then after the ceremony Hobie and I got in and took a little ride together. After the dress, it was the second-most complimented thing to me by the guests.


Anonymous CreditGirl said...

I consider a wedding to be a good thing to invest your money in. Although some people regard it as a stupid thing to do. But it's a holiday to remember for the whole life.

8/22/2007 10:23 PM  

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