Saturday, May 06, 2006

April Net Worth Update

In April, we saw a not-too-shabby increase in our net worth of $1633 to a negative $5577. I’m proud to say that we paid $572 above our minimum payments to our debt. I had originally budgeted an acceleration of only $300 a month, but it looks like we’ll easily be able to do $500 for now (we may start saving up for plane tickets to visit family a little later).

May got off to a slow start because we had a nice night out on the town last weekend (charges hadn’t hit the credit cards until Monday) that cost $189, but we sure had fun. We’ve cut back a lot on eating out, and we certainly don’t go out for drinks and go to comedy clubs very often, so it was nice to splurge a little. I suppose we made up for it by winning $140 playing poker Thursday night. ;)


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