Friday, April 07, 2006

We are flush in cash

When I created our new budget last month, I must have put a lot more wiggle room in it than we needed. All the first-half-of-the-month bills are paid, and the second-half bills will be easily taken care of by next week's paychecks, so here I sit thinking, "There's no way we'll spend $900 on groceries, gas, and entertainment between now and next Friday."

Hobie and I both got raises recently, accounting for about $200 extra a month. I guess we're just used to having less money each month, and we haven't changed our habits at all.

So I think I'll be sending another couple hundred bucks to the Debt Snowball this weekend.

This feels really good.


Anonymous Nick said...

I had created a new budget when I started my new job, and things were going great. After about 10 weeks my pay got boosted because my employer had made a mistake (unbeknownst to me) when I started.

Now, I have all this extra cash, and it's pretty much awesome.

6/19/2006 4:56 PM  

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