Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My First Stock Purchase

I made my first stock purchase on Sunday. I bought 500 shares of Meridell Potato Company (symbol: MPC) at 15. It climbed up to 21 briefly on Tuesday, but today it’s back down to 19. All of the stock market strategy sites say I should buy and hold, wait until it climbs into the 60s or 70s before I cash out.

I figured I should diversify, so Tuesday I bought 500 shares of Kau-Kau Farm (KAUF), also at 15. It’s been down and back up to 15. Once again, I’ll use a buy and hold strategy. Hmmm, these are both agricultural commodities, perhaps I should think about diversifying into tech stocks.

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Yes, I’m a big nerd. I started playing at Neopets about 4 years ago. Just a couple weeks ago I finally made my goal of having 5 million neopoints (NP) in the bank (earning 11.5% compounded daily!), so I decided that I’d start investing in the Neopian stock market with my extra dough.

I think Neopets would be a great place to start teaching kids about money. What I’ve mentioned here, basic stock market trading, saving money, and compound interest, are just a few things. There’s also The Money Tree, which you can donate items or NP to, which could turn into a lesson about charitable giving. You can also set up your own store and buy and sell items for profit.

There’s another way to make NP: earning them while playing games. This is my favorite way to make them, mostly because I enjoy the cute little Flash games. A few years ago I was chatting with the college buddy that introduced me to the website about the different ways to get NP, and how I felt like I was in a different social class because I “worked” for my NP by playing games (the proletariat), but there were a lot of very successful players that bought items for cheap and resold them in their shops. I called them the “merchant class”.

Who knew that at the time I was discovering for myself Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrants? In Neopia, I definitely like being an E. I dabbled a little in S. I can’t really think of a way in game to be a B, but I think there are outside networks where this works. And now I’m dabbling in I with my stock purchases.

I guess I’m just a big kid when it comes to my entertainment choices. I’m also just a big kid when it comes to finances. We can still learn at any age, right?


Blogger yjm28 said...

Are you sure your stock symbols are right? They are not coming up when I search for the stocks you bought.

5/20/2006 11:22 AM  
Blogger Julia Star said...

I think That guy is trying on real stock websites; Lol. I have played neopets before and just came back to it a couple of months ago. I am up to 25,000 np mostly because I have convinced my Darling fiance to play the games for me! I am impressed at 5 million np!!! That's a real achievement. Would love another neofriend if you need more. My screen name is juliaowlstar. :) Love the blog too! It's especially helpful with the wedding planning advice!

6/20/2007 10:07 PM  

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