Friday, November 04, 2005

Saving Spree Conclusion

My saving spree seems to have worked somewhat. My net worth increased $441 from 9/29-10/28/05. And that's even with a large wedding purchase (airline tix), a bad month for the 403(b), and a rapidly decreasing in value automobile (we're putting 2000+ miles on it each month).

I did cheat a bit more than I should have on my rules. Like how I played poker again last weekend. And made $550 (not included in net worth calculations). So in this case, cheaters do prosper. :) But I did establish one very good habit - staying in for lunch. I even got my fiancé on board and we are eating out for dinner significantly less than September and before. Now we're even trying to replicate our favorite Thai dishes at home, and had some initial luck with a basic peanut sauce.

So I have $1600 of expenses left for the wedding, $400 saved up already, and about 3 months to save the remaining $1200. My poker winnings are going toward a "poker fund" or mini-bankroll so I don't have to feel guilty next time I play, and toward Christmas presents. I'm doing okay.